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Community Administration

Eliminate the stress of HMIS operations. With Bitfocus as your system administrator, we assume the duties of the HMIS Lead Agency, ensuring the efficient, reliable, day-to-day management of your system.

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Agency Management

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Custom Workflows

Your Community Admin team will guide you through the system mapping, business logic development, and local implementation and configuration strategy processes. With Bitfocus facilitating these decisions, your workflows will be rooted in national best practices but customized to meet your unique needs.


Configuration Support

Nobody knows the ins and outs of Clarity Human Services like our Community Admin teams. They'll configure your system for you - helping you come up with creative solutions and strategic setups that meet your community's goals, ensure data quality, construct a seamless end-user experience, and take advantage of all that our software has to offer.


Agency Set Up

We'll create and maintain your community's agencies within Clarity Human Services. This includes everything from adding new agencies to updating agency statuses to ensuring the safe and secure storage of victim service provider data.

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