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Domestic Violence

We prioritize client safety and privacy. Configured appropriately, Clarity Human Services can operate as a fully compliant, fully private DV-specific HMIS alternative.

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Securing Client Privacy

Clarity Human Services meets, or exceeds, all the requirements for a secure and private comparable standalone database for victim service providers. It comes fully stocked with all HMIS features and functionalities, including customization, program enrollment screens, pre-built HUD and Federal partner reports, and more. You can rest assured that your clients' data is safe with us.

Full Compliance

VAWA Compliant

Our domestic violence solutions strictly adhere to the VAWA confidentiality provisions, safeguarding client PII and protecting client privacy.

HIPAA Compliant

Properly configured, Clarity Human Services is fully HIPAA-compliant, while significantly exceeding the current minimum standards required by HUD.

VOCA Compliant

Our domestic violence solutions strictly adhere to the VOCA stipulations, ensuring that your client's privacy is kept confidential and safe.

HUD Compliant

The system fully complies with—and exceeds—the criteria established in the HMIS Proposed Rule and 2004 Data and Technical Standards Notice.

Privacy-First Features

Client Name

Make a client's name private, enabling him or her to be known only by a system-assigned unique identifier.

Contact Information

Maintain client privacy by making all contact information private.


With the quick flip of a switch, you can ensure client notes are visible only to authorized users.

Access Roles

Assign access roles to users to determine which areas of the system they can view, and what they can read, write, edit and delete.

Program & Service History

Easily remove or hide program enrollment and service history from the client record.

Assessments & Referrals

Keep client assessments and referral history private with the toggle of a switch.

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