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Reporting & Analytics

We've built accessible business intelligence and data analytics directly into the Clarity Human Services platform, giving everyone access to fresh, reliable data. Ask more. Drill deeper. Collaborate better.

Reporting in Clarity Human Services

Data is only as valuable as the information you can pull from it. We empower our users to seek meaning from data through referral, agency, client, program, and performance reporting.

Pre-Built Reports

Discover more about your program or community with one of the 175+ pre-built reports from the Clarity Human Services Report Library.

Custom Reports

Build your own reports to monitor and evaluate what is most important to you, your organization, and your community's policy-makers, stakeholders, and funders.

Federal Reports

Stay compliant with HUD and Federal Partner reporting requirements. Our report library comes fully stocked with federal reports and support documentation.

Data Analysis in Clarity Human Services

In addition to the 175+ pre-built reports in our report library, Clarity Human Services includes robust business intelligence and data analytics that allow users to explore and interact with client data. We demystify data analysis by making exploration easy.

Data Analysis

Filter, join, and drag and drop fields into elegant dashboards and custom reports. Built-in calculations make it easy to measure progress and evaluate outcomes.


Monitor performance, identify trends, and digest information at a glance with our dashboards and visualizations. Exercise your creativity with custom graphics based on your unique needs.

Custom Fields

Define the fields that matter most to you, your agency, or your community. Our custom fields let you choose what data is collected and the form it is collected in.

Advanced Applications - Data Analysis API

Thinking about taking things up a notch? Clarity Human Services allows you to connect directly to our database servers to integrate third-party statistical and analysis tools, opening the door to an unlimited number of custom analytics and reporting solutions.

Securely access real-time client data, system performance measures, and other insights with our RESTful Clarity Human Services Data Analysis API.

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