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Coordinated Entry

Clarity Human Services is the ideal platform to build a person-centered, outcome-driven coordinated entry system in your community.

An End-to-End Coordinated Entry Solution

We've fully integrated Coordinated Entry into the HMIS workflow to allow for streamlined access, assessment, prioritization, matching, and referral. Sophisticated sharing features support safe data exchange, and advanced functionalities let you run multiple coordinated entry systems in your community.

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Increase Reach

Ensure that everyone in your community has fair and equal access to all that your homeless response system has to offer.


Integrate Methods

Use your community’s tools to evaluate client needs and prioritize them for housing—directly in Clarity Human Services.

Incorporate Eligibility

Carry out the full housing navigation and application process with our matching tools.


Improve Handoffs

Make, track, accept and search all referrals for frictionless handoffs to case managers and system users.


From initial outreach through engagement, maximize access to your CES, and ensure full coverage throughout your CoC's complete geographic area.

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Add geographic context to your data by using GPS coordinates and automatic geocoding. Our location-aware functionality makes it easy to engage with encampments, conduct assessments in the field, check in on clients, and access them when housing and services become available. Information collected during the coordinated entry process can be combined with other data points to create geographic visualizations using our built-in Data Analysis tool or third-party reporting tools (e.g., Tableau or ArcGIS), via our Customer Data Model.


Take Clarity on-the-go during your fieldwork. Our responsive, mobile-optimized application works on any modern browser. Outreach staff can focus on building rapport with clients, knowing Clarity Human Services will function smoothly—whether on a smartphone or tablet.

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Assessment & Prioritization

Utilize Clarity Human Services' built-in tools and customizable features to support fair, consistent processes that reflect your community's assessment and prioritization policies.

Flexible Assessments

Popular assessments and prioritization tools come built-in. Clarity also allows you to create custom, locally-developed assessments to match the unique needs of each community.


Automatic Scoring

Automatically calculate client vulnerability and prioritize them for resources based on your community's unique policies and scoring criteria.

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Community Queue

Manage your inventory of housing resources and services, and ensure that people who are most vulnerable get the support they need when they need it.


Waitlist Management

Manage active and inactive client referrals on the waitlist based on system activity, and gain insight into wait-times and placements through interactive reporting.

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Eliminate the guesswork of housing navigation with our robust eligibility engine, which automates eligibility screening and helps housing navigators quickly identify eligible clients.


Understand bed availability and avoid duplicate referrals with our real-time bed and unit inventory management. Coordinate hand-offs with referral-specific case notes and alerts, and monitor progress via full referral histories.

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