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Analytics & Visualization

We craft your data into compelling stories and slick visualizations that educate, enlighten, and inspire policy-makers, funders and other stakeholders.

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Building Data-Driven Cultures

Data is key to a community's ability to make decisions and design systems that advance social change. In order to maximize the usefulness of your data, it's crucial to establish a culture that values it — from the moment of data entry all the way through analysis and the design of insightful reports. Bitfocus human services experts are here to help you explore and explain your data. By applying our industry expertise to the services we offer in reporting, data analysis, and decision support for system planning and evaluation, we help communities build this data-driven culture.

Reveal Insights, Monitor Performance, & Celebrate Wins

Data Analytics

We help you optimize the value of your data by applying our field-tested experience to understanding how data and outcomes interrelate within your community's unique context.

Custom Reporting & Dashboards

Our team works with you to create custom reports and visualizations that you can embed in convenient spaces within your system—or share with the community using public-facing dashboards.

Data Quality Improvements

Achieve the high level of data quality you need to ensure your data is reliable and useful. From advising on best-practices to building performance and outcomes dashboards, we offer various levels of support.

Advanced Applications & Integrations

With the Clarity Human Services API and SQL direct database access, you can boost your options for analysis by connecting your database directly with other third-party statistical tools. You can also link your system with data warehouses and streamline the flow of information with other service providers in your community. The Bitfocus team is here to ensure you glide successfully through the process.

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