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Community Data Warehouse

Clarity Human Services functions natively as a fully-featured Data Warehouse. We simplify the complexities often associated with the data-flows and transformations required under typical data warehouse integrations.

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Easy Insights Across a Common Platform

Integrate, analyze, and leverage data from multiple systems of care with Clarity Human Services' community data warehouse.  Whether you're tracking Social Determinants of Health to improve whole-person care, implementing a Frequent-User initiative to cut costs, or designing any other project that requires integrated data, you can rely on us for a secure, strong, seamless warehousing experience. Bitfocus manages and maintains the backend functionality while you explore advanced data analytics and visualizations.

Built for Integrations

Secure Database

We provide communities with a secure, compliant way to confidently share and collaborate around sensitive data.

HUD CSV & XML Standards

Import HUD-formatted data via the Clarity Human Services application, or programmatically using our API.

Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

We make data analysis easy. Users of all skill levels are able to explore and manage data with reports, dashboards, and ad-hoc analysis.


Well-documented integrations options, a live Data Dictionary, clear naming conventions, and straight forward table structures make warehousing even easier.

Flexible Module Architecture

Clarity Human Services API

The Clarity Human Services API allows for the import of HUD HMIS XML and custom fields using a standard RESTful architecture

Data Analysis API

Our flexible Data Analysis API allows for programmatic access to the business intelligence and ad-hoc reporting features built into Clarity Human Services

Customer Data Model

Users can develop custom queries and export schemas to match virtually any need by scripting their own data pulls directly from their dataset.

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