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Community Administration

Eliminate the stress of HMIS operations. With Bitfocus as your system administrator, we assume the duties of the HMIS Lead Agency, ensuring the efficient, reliable, day-to-day management of your system.

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Community Leadership


Your HMIS Champions

Consider the Bitfocus system administrators as an extension of your community. On top of ensuring the system runs optimally, we serve as your representatives, advocating for you and facilitating meetings on your behalf. Backed by our team of policy and data experts, our system administration team is well-versed in using HMIS to support a high-functioning system of care.


Showcase Your Successes

Your HMIS is full of data waiting to be turned into information. The Bitfocus System Administration team partners closely with communities to showcase their successes. Whether it's demonstrating positive outcomes to engage funders or sharing a public dashboard to generate goodwill among elected officials, we’ve got you covered. We help you identify, celebrate, and share all your wins.

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Cater to Your Needs

Your community isn't like every other community, and we get that. We’ll help you plan successful initiatives that balance industry-wide best practices with all that makes your community unique. Our team collaborates with community leadership to design and implement tailored systems, policies, processes, and reports that meet your goals.

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