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Integrations, Data Warehouse, & APIs

Even the most full-featured HMIS and Case Management solutions need to be able to play well with others. That's why we've built sophisticated sharing tools like our Data Import and Data Analysis APIs right into Clarity Human Services.

Sophisticated, Streamlined Integrations

Clarity Human Services is an open, flexible, and secure platform for data integration. A suite of data integration and analytical features enables administrators to safely and smoothly import and export data.


Custom Exports

Explore system data with pre-built or custom reports, dashboards, or pre-configured views. Clarity's powerful and easy-to-use analytics ensure nothing stands between you and the effective use of your data.


Scheduled & Automated Integrations

Securely connect with authorized applications, and schedule unattended imports into your system using the Clarity Human Services RESTful API. 
Learn about our Data Warehouse here.

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Easy Data Imports

Clarity Human Services provides system administrators with a powerful suite of tools designed to help communities bring both HUD, as well as locally-defined client data, into their Clarity Human Services solution.


Security First

We use the most secure, up-to-date, and reliable security controls and practices. Client record storage includes dedicated replicas supporting analytics, reporting, and direct customer database access.

RESTful Data Import and Data Analysis APIs

Our Clarity Human Services and Clarity Human Services Data Analysis APIs support integrations with other systems and applications. Both APIs utilize a RESTful architecture and are well-documented in our knowledge base.

Clarity Human Services API

Our Clarity Human Services API allows for the import of HUD HMIS data and custom fields using a standard RESTful architecture. This model is intended for Customers who wish to configure an initial integration exchange, and then allow for scheduled unattended imports into the system from a source system.

Data Analysis API

Our more flexible Data Analysis API provides secure, real-time access to client data, system performance, and other insights. This API allows for programmatic access to the business intelligence and ad-hoc reporting tools built into Clarity Human Services.

Public Dashboards

Clarity Human Services features highly customizable and easy-to-create dashboards. Administrators can design numerous custom reports, present the data using dynamic visualizations, and then display them together in one place with sleek dashboards.

Design custom dashboards and then create secure, public-facing reports and dashboards. Or, follow trends in real-time by embedding dashboards in convenient locations within your system. With Clarity's autonomous customizability, you can use dashboards in nearly limitless ways.

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