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Policy & Strategic Planning

Bitfocus has a team of statistics-, technology-, and policy-wonks who are obsessed with using data to solve social problems. We guide organizations through the complexities of the human services landscape and empower communities to make evidence-based decisions.

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Insight, Innovation & Action

At Bitfocus, we empower communities to make evidence-based decisions that solve social problems. Our professional services team will help you understand not only what your data means, but how you can design equitable, impactful, data-driven policies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your strategic planning process, update your CoC policies and procedures, redesign your system or program, advocate for increased funding, or improve your system performance outcomes, we’re here to help you root policy decisions in truth.

Understand the Story Your Data is Telling You

Valuable information often hides within HMIS data, undetectable by even the most sophisticated reports. Bitfocus offers robust support that enables you to uncover this information and identify patterns that will inform and support your plans.

Reporting Assistance

Clarity Human Services has an array of comprehensive reporting tools, and our team will make sure you're comfortable using each one. Bitfocus' data wizards are also available to design custom reports that reflect your community's needs.

Data Analysis

Sophisticated features and functionalities – paired with our diverse staff expertise – empower you to understand how data and outcomes interrelate within your community's context. You’ll have everything you need to analyze trends and performance against community-wide goals.

Decision Support

Our experienced team of HMIS and human services experts is available to guide you in the development of coordinated entry systems, outreach models, effective housing placements, and efficient resource use.

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