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Regulatory Compliance

Features and functionalities that go well beyond baseline federal requirements.

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We Know What It Takes

As local HMIS system administrators ourselves, we recognize that an effective compliance program requires features and functionality that extend well beyond the federal baseline standards. Bitfocus provides local HMIS system administration services to several states and large CoCs. This frontline experience forms the foundation for our product development process and gives us a unique appreciation for the challenges of operating a high-performing HMIS in the real world. We know what it takes to maintain regulatory compliance, while also building community trust and maximizing the return on your technology investment.

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HUD & Federal Partner Reports

Our library of 175+ prebuilt queries includes all federally required reports, such as HUD's APR, CAPER, LSA, SPM, and PIT, as well as SAMHSA, RHY, and VA reports. All reports come with support documentation to guide users through the submission processes.

Fully Compliant Coordinated Entry


Collect assessment data directly within Clarity Human Services in real-time, regardless of what tool you use


Customize your prioritization engine to reflect your community’s priorities and policies and procedures.


Manage program eligibility and real-time vacancies to facilitate a smooth, efficient, and effective matching process.

Client Information

Upload and store important client documents to ensure quick and simple housing placements.

Data Privacy & Security Compliance

We are committed to going above and beyond HUD requirements, making case management, whole-person care, coordinated entry, and data integrations easier, safer and more secure.

HMIS Compliance

The system fully complies with—and exceeds—the criteria established in the HMIS Proposed Rule and 2004 Data and Technical Standards Notice.

HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

Properly configured, Clarity Human Services is fully HIPAA-compliant, significantly exceeding the current minimum standards required by HUD.

SOC 2 Certified

We are compliant with SOC 2 requirements, ensuring that your data is stored safely and securely in the cloud.

VAWA Confidentiality

Our domestic violence solutions strictly adhere to the VAWA confidentiality provisions, safeguarding client PII and protecting client privacy.

Ongoing Commitment to Compliance


We fully support federal formats for CSV and XML exports of HMIS data. Our data dictionary, naming conventions, and table structures make it easy to import and export your data.

Timely Updates

We consistently deliver updates to official data collection screens and reports on—or before—the federal agency deadlines and in full compliance with published specifications.

Purpose-Built for HMIS

Clarity Human Services includes the full set of data elements and entry screens. Templates take the guesswork out of configuration and ensure accurate and timely data collection.

Adherence Made Easy

Robust functionalities allow for tiered access, ROI consent, dynamic household management, flexible data collection workflows, and drill-down analysis.

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