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Whole Person Care

Clarity Human Services is the ideal platform for bringing together the service providers, practitioners, government agencies, and other stakeholders necessary to provide comprehensive, integrated care.

A Platform for Collaboration

Clarity Human Services comes equipped with features that enable communities to holistically care for those in need.

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Case Management

Organize and manage your caseloads in a way that makes sense for your organization, community, partners, and integrations.

Goal Tracking

Ensure your client’s health, housing, and social progress by automatic goal assignment upon program entry, goal achievement updates, and custom report building to track client evolution.


Monitor progress by tracking longitudinal, client-level, and program-specific data.

System-Wide Communication

Alert users and your community about urgent information.

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Integrations & Data Sharing

Clarity Human Services is straightforward, robust and reliable, allowing for integration and sharing between systems and organizations, while maintaining steadfast compliance with sharing and privacy obligations. It includes an API to connect authorized applications with the HMIS, and integrations with EHR platforms are accomplished securely and with ease. These features combine to prove that accessing and analyzing data about the whole person, rather than just a snippet of their story, is possible.

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Putting It Into Practice

Bitfocus customer Contra Costa County Health Services was recently featured in an article discussing their whole person care approach.

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